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Inspired by the life of St. Joseph,
we live, love and learn together.

Class 1

We had a very special zoom meeting during our RE today....Father Frank!! He could not wait to meet all our wonderful reception children who by turn introduced themselves to him. He talked to the children about our new topic, Birthday ‘s and explained to them about Jesus’ very special birthday. After waving goodbye to Father Frank we learned about the Advent wreath and then made our very own Class one.

Today we have been making soup. First we talked about hygiene and staying safe. We looked at soup recipes, then, set about, peeling, chopping, grating, slicing and dicing a variety of vegetables. We worked together to make our Class beautiful again and even washed up the utensils etc we used! For collective worship we invited Class 2 to share our offerings.

We look forward to our weekly Beach School session, we love to explore and investigate.

We have been learning about the Autumn season

We have been remembering all the men, women and animals that lost their lives during the First World War.

Welcome to our Class 1 family.