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C1 Home Schooling Tasks

Wednesday 1st April 2020 ... "Hello April - life's showers help us to blossom"


Your home schooling tasks for today are:


English - All to look at powerpoint if needed, this time choose a bicycle from the present day (again we have discussed the present time). It could even be your own bike or somebody's that you know. Feel free to draw it.

RECEPTION - Adult please explain to your child what an adjective is. An adjective is a word that describes an animal, person, thing or thought. Adjectives include words that describe what something looks like and what it feels like to touch, taste or smell. Adjectives can be colours and words that describe temperatures and sizes. Now its challenge time! how many adjectives can you list/label to describe your bike?

YEAR 1 - Compare the bike you have chosen today to the one you chose from the past. Can you describe some similarities and differences between them? Which bike do you like best? Why? REMEMBER to use adjectives and conjunction words.


Maths - If you have access to youtube, play a child friendly counting backwards song.

RECEPTION - Introduce the subtraction symbol. Write it for your child to visualise, tell them it means to take away. Repeat yesterdays activity (31.3.20) this time using the word subtract. If your child is confident with subtracting 1, increase the amount you subtract to 2, maybe increase the starting number to 12. 

YEAR 1 - Adult to write some random 2 digit numbers on pieces of paper. Can you make the numbers using the resources you sourced yesterday (31.3.20) the 'tens and ones'. Repeat until you feel your child is confident.


Phonics - If you have access to youtube, play a child friendly phonics song.

RECEPTION - Recap phase 4 so far. Introduce 'fr' & 'gl', draw a grid of 6 boxes onto A4 size paper, fill each square with 'fr' & 'gl' words, for example, frog, free, from, glen, gloop and gland. Have a game of bingo, make as many 'boards' as you need, the more players the better! New tricky word is 'have'.

YEAR 1 - Please recap all of phase 5.

Dictation - Adult to read following sentences aloud and child to write them independently.

'Pat has a long pink scarf'.

'Len helps his dad mend a lock'

New tricky word is 'asked'.  

Tuesday 31st March 2020 ... "It's 'Choose-Day!' Choose to smile, choose to love, choose to be you!"


Your home schooling tasks for today are:


English - Following on from yesterday (30.3.20), if you need to refresh your memory feel free to look at the powerpoint again.

ALL CHILDREN - Choose one of the bikes from the past and draw or sketch it in your exercise book.

RECEPTION - Do you like the bike you have chosen? Why do you like it? Write your answers in a short sentence OR challenge yourself, add 'because' and extend your sentence. REMEMBER your sentence must start with a capital letter, have finger spaces and end with full-stop.

YEAR 1 - Why have you chosen the bike? What is it made from? Would you ride it? ... yes? why? .... no? why?

Answer with detail, use conjunction words: and, so, because. Use adjectives to describe what the bike looks or might feel like: shiny, dull, smooth.



RECEPTION - Start with 5 objects (socks, dolls, action figures etc), take 1 away (subtract), how many do you have left? Adult to emphasis the starting/bigger number will always get smaller. Increase the number of starting objects (upto 10), take 1 away each time, how many left? 

YEAR 1 - Combining 2 digit numbers ... where possible find 10 of the same object (socks, pencils, pegs) each to represent 10, again if possible find 9 of the same objects (smaller objects would be better: pasta shapes, grapes, buttons) each to represent 1. Adult to model practically how to make 2 digit numbers using the "tens and ones" that you sourced, i.e 24 is 2 lots of ten and 4 ones, 13 is 1 lot of ten and 3 ones. Repeat until you feel your child has an understanding of the activity.



RECEPTION - If you have access to youtube, please play phase 3 tricky words song.

Introduce 'dr' and 'fl', adult to write - ag - child to add 'dr' then 'fl' (drag, flag) child to read aloud, repeat with - ip and op, the challenge one - ench. question your child, do you think 'flench' is a real or fake word? New tricky word is 'said'.

YEAR 1 - If you have access to youtube, please play phase 4 tricky words song.

Can you remember and write any of the 'au' words from yesterday (30.3.20). Introduce split 'u_e' digraph, same sound as 'ue'. REMEMBER split digraphs make the vowel sound. Child to write: tub, cut, cub, dud and plum, adult explain that the sound the 'u' makes in those words.....now get your child to add an 'e' to the end of each word, can they hear the difference? Now list the words: flute, excuse, include and fortune..... more if you wish!! can you read them aloud? Have a go at writing a silly sentence using any of the words ... 3 minutes .... GO!

New tricky word is 'called'. 

Monday 30th March 2020 ..... "New Monday, new week, new goals"


"Hello Class 1, us adults are missing you all so much, hope you and your families are safe and well."


Please continue to read daily.


Your home schooling tasks for today are:


English - Linked to history & geography.

Ask the question (all children): What were bikes like in the past? (As a class we have discussed the meaning of the 'past' so your child will have some understanding of how to answer the question).

RECEPTION - You can mind map your answers, you might need an adult to help.

YEAR 1 - Please write a small paragraph to answer the question, read aloud to adult, do you need to correct any of your work?

THEN - All children to look at power point provided below.



RECEPTION - Write numbers to 20 forwards then backwards, read/count aloud backwards from 20. Adult to explain that that as they count backwards the numbers are getting smaller.

YEAR 1 - Refer back to last Monday (23.3.20), look at the numbers you wrote to 100, can you count backwards from/to any given number? Adult to say "can you count backwards from 79 to 71?", "38 to 33?" and so on. Can you write it down? i.e 38, 37, 36, 35,34,33. Repeat activity approximately 5 times.


Phonics: If you have access to you tube, you might want to play 'Jolly phonics phase 3 digraph song' 

RECEPTION - Introduce 'cl' and 'cr', do you have chalk? Paintbrush/water? Can you access a safe outside area to write the words: clip, clock, clown, crab and crunch. You could even practise your tricky words 'all', 'my' and new one 'are'.

YEAR 1 - Recap 'oe' digraph, can you remember or think of any new words 'oe' words? Do you have chalk? Paintbrush/water? Can you access a safe outside area to write them? Practise tricky words 'Mr', 'Mrs' and new word 'looked'. Introduce 'au' digraph, it makes the same sound as 'or' & 'aw', usually at beginning or middle of a word. Adult to write: auto, audit, Paul (reminder to child that ALL names begin with a capital letter), haunt, launch and automatic. Can child read them aloud applying the 'au' digraph correctly? NOW can you write the words you have just read WITHOUT peeking?......... I bet you can!















Friday 27th March 2020 ... "Believe you can and you will"


RE/English - All children please discuss the season of springtime with your child, explain that it is a time when things begin to grow/blossom or when certain species of animals are born (lambs/chicks). Can you access a safe outside space to observe any signs of new life or growth?

RECEPTION - What did you find or observe? List your findings.

YEAR 1 - What did you find or observe? How do they grow? Why are they growing? What do they need to grow? Please write down your findings, add "because" or "therefore" to extend your sentences.


Maths - All children, please revise all of this weeks math's that has been set to consolidate your learning.


Phonics - Spellings:

RECEPTION - the, to, I, no, go, into, put.

YEAR 1 - said, have, some, like, so, do, come, some.


* Please send any pictures or videos of this weeks tasks/learning to the class email ..... we would love to upload it to the class page on the school website so we can celebrate your efforts and the children's hard work!


Please continue to stay safe,


The Class 1 team.




Thursday 26th March 2020 ... "Be silly, be honest, be kind"


Your home schooling tasks today are:


English - All children to write a set of instructions about how you made your vehicle, use time connectives: first, then, next and finally.

RECEPTION - An adult may scribe for you.

YEAR 1 - Write independently taking care to punctuate your sentences correctly.


Maths - 

RECEPTION - Following on from yesterday (25.3.20), carry out the same activity, then write the corresponding number sentence, i.e 

4 + 3 = 7. Please discuss + and = symbols.

YEAR 1 - Following on from yesterday (25.3.20), carry out the same activity, can you work out how many lots of 10 in each number?

i.e 30 is equal to 3 lots of 10. Write your answers.


Phonics -  Reception children parents, your child will now be moving onto Phase 4 phonics. Phase 4 is learning to read/write CVCC words (band, kept and thump etc) and CCVC words (clap, black and speech etc). They will also learn to read/write words beginning/ending with consonant blends/clusters (BLush, neXT, SPRing etc).

RECEPTION - Introduce 'bl' and 'br' - Can you think of and write any words beginning with these consonant blends? Remember your letter formation.

YEAR 1 -  New digragh 'oe', it makes the same sound as 'oa' and is usually found at the end of a word. Practise the formation of 'oe', then adult to say following words one at a time for you to write down ... toe, woe, goes, cargoes and challenge word dominoes. Can you write silly sentence: Poe the smelly toe loves to play dominoes .... or make up your own. Recap tricky words 'their' & 'people' then introduce 'Mr' & 'Mrs' - REMEMBER they always start with a capital 'M'.


Wednesday 25th march 2020 ..... "You're amazing just the way you are"


Your home schooling tasks for today are:


English - Linked with Design & Technology

RECEPTION & YEAR 1 - Can you make your form of transport? You could use lego, cardboard, plastic bottles or any other construction/materials you have access to.



RECEPTION - Look at 2 groups of objects (upto 10 in each, can be different or same amounts in both). Can you identify which group has more? Which group has less? Now put the 2 groups together, touch count them to find the total.

YEAR 1 - Can you add 10 to a multiple of 10? For example, 30 + 10 = 40


Phonics - 

RECEPTION - Recap as much of Phase 3 as you can. Write tricky words: 'you' & 'they' in a sentence, introduce: 'all' & 'my'.

YEAR 1 - Introduce 'aw' digraph, it makes the same sound as 'or' and is usually found in the middle or at the end of a word. Adult to write: paw, claw, straw, squawk, drawer and trawler. Adult to then call out one of the words, can you (child) find, point to and read aloud that word. Recap tricky words: 'their' & 'people'...... maybe write them in a sentence.  

Tuesday 24th March 2020 ... "There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly"


Your home schooling tasks for today are:


English - Choose a different type of transport and compare it to the one that was drawn yesterday (23.3.20).

How are they the same? ..... How are they different?

RECEPTION - Parents you may scribe your child's answers OR you might like to write a short sentence yourself.

YEAR 1's - Record your answers in a short narrative, re-reading aloud to check what you have written makes sense.


Maths - 

RECEPTION - To estimate visually small amounts upto 10 (please use any objects you have available i.e pasta shapes, lego bricks and marbles etc. Look at the group of objects, can you make a reasonable estimation? Record your estimate. Touch count group of objects to see if you are correct.

YEAR 1's - Place value. Each time start with 10, then add a single digit number, what is your answer? Please pay attention to the TEEN answers. Write your answers remembering number formation and recognition.


Phonics - 

RECEPTION - Introduce 'er' digraph, discuss it normally comes at the end of a word. Write:- her, river, sister, litter and pepper on small pieces of paper. Place face down on the floor, pick word at random and read aloud.

YEAR 1's - Introduce 'ea' digraph, REMEMBER it makes the same sound as 'ee', 'e-e' and 'ey'. Apply the same as reception using instead:- wheat, cheap, peach, beach and preach.

Monday 23rd March ..... "You are capable of amazing things"


PLEASE - read daily this week.


Your home schooling tasks for today are:-


English - 'The history of transport' - Discuss forms of transport from the past through to today. 

RECEPTION - Choose one form of transport, draw, name and label it.

YEAR 1 - As above but to caption drawing.


Maths - If you have access to Youtube, listen to/sing 'Big numbers' song.

RECEPTION - Have ago at writing numbers to 20, please think about formation.

YEAR 1 - As above but to 100.


Phonics - 

RECEPTION - Please practise formation of 'ure' trigraph then write:- pure, cure, lure and manure. Discuss how they sound they rhyme/sound the same. Write a 'silly sentence' using the words.

YEAR 1 - Introduce the split 'i-e' digraph, discuss that it makes the vowel sound within a word. Write:- ride, pride, stride... challenge word confined. Feel free to look up in dictionary the meaning of each word. Can you write a 'silly sentence' including any of those words?


            History of Transport


Friday 20th March

Your home schooling tasks for today are:


English - Look at Easter story powerpoint (see link below). Reception children to write 2 sentences about it. Year 1's to re-write the story.

Remember, capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


Maths - Reception and Year 1's to halve everyday 2d shapes/items.


Phonics - Reception children practise 'air' formation then apply in wrttten sentence.... 'The chair was high in the air.'

Have a go at writing tricky words: you & they.

Year 1's practise 'ew' formation then apply in written sentence..... 'The old bird flew high over the flower that grew.'

Have a go at writing tricky words: their & people.

Thursday 19th March.

Happy St Joseph's Day!


Home school learning for today is:


RE - Encourage your child to think about how we grow in love to be like Jesus. This can be recorded in picture form of a growing tree, labelled with with their ideas.... being a kind friend, sharing and love etc.


Maths - Subtraction, use any objects you have to hand (fruit, pegs etc) to take a smaller number away from a larger one, reception up to 20, year 1's how far can you go?


Phonics - Reception please practise the formation of 'ear' then write some words that include that trigraph i.e hear, fear, near etc.

Year 1's as above using the 'ue' digraph i.e blue, glue, ensue etc.


Please continue to read daily.

Happy learning from the class 1 team.