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Inspired by the life of St. Joseph,
we live, love and learn together.


Thank you and good luck to Mrs Kelly, head teacher and previously teacher at St Joseph's for many years. On behalf of the children and their families the PTA gave her a lovely Pandora charm for her bracelet with 'We will miss you'  and 'St Joseph's 2016' engraved on it. Also a St Joseph's rose plant for her garden and a leavers hoodie. The children all contributed to a beautiful bunting scrap book.


A Message from Mrs Kelly...

"During my time here many members of the PTA have come and gone.  With them they have brought a wide range of different skills and expertise, but one thing they have all had in common is an amazing ability to raise thousands of pounds for the benefit of the children at St Joseph’s.  They can put on tea  parties and lunches and auctions and fayres and so many other things too  numerous to mention.  This in itself is amazing but what makes our PTA so  special is that they just get on with it with a smile. Members of the PTA I cannot thank you enough for all you have done.  I am so grateful. "




Farewell to Mrs Kelly

Farewell to Mrs Kelly 1
Farewell to Mrs Kelly 2

Welcome to the PTA section.


St Joseph’s has a very successful PTA, the Association of the Friends of St Joseph’s.


We plan and provide fun social events throughout the year, where we can come together as a school community and raise money to help broaden the educational opportunities for the children.


The money we raise goes to many different things, some requested by the school, and some from ideas from parents and the PTA.

Every year we donate money (£10 this year) towards each child’s school trip, greatly bringing down the costs for parents.

We give money to each class teacher so that they can buy the little  extras that the school budget does not stretch to.


Registered Charity Number: 1102272

PTA Committee

PTA Committee 1 President: Mrs Healy
PTA Committee 2 Chairperson: Paul Kerr
PTA Committee 3 Secretary: Melanie Shepherd
PTA Committee 4 Treasurer: Tilly Ruane

Thank you to everyone that supported the Crazy Auction.

We raised over £1,700 which would not have been possible

without the generosity of the school staff, parents and their families!